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To avoid any restrictions or inconveniences during your cruise in Turkey, we handle all clearance formalities involving arrivals, departures, harbour masters and customs on behalf of the Captain with pleasure.


Yachts entering or leaving Turkey shall make their entry or departure at frontier ports.
Ports of entry along the Turkish coast are:

Hopa İstanbul Çanakkale Finike
Rize Derince Akçay Kemer
Trabzon Gemlik Ayvalık Antalya
Giresun Mudanya Dikili Anamur
Ordu Bandırma İzmir Bozyazı
Samsun Tekirdağ Çeşme Taşucu
Sinop   Kuşadası Silifke
İnebolu   Güllük Mersin - İçel
Bartın   Bodrum Botaş - Adana
Zonguldak   Yalıkavak İskenderun
Ereğli   Turgutreis  

Formalities concerning the documentation of yachts departing from the last port of call or entering port or a mooring-place for winter lay-up shall be carried out at the port of departure or winter mooring place.

Documents Necessary for Clearance :

* Yacht Registration ( Original )
* Insurance Certificate ( Original )
* Crew and Passenger Passports
* Crew and Passenger List
* Yacht Master Licence ( Original )
* Authorisation ( Original/For the Captain)
* Ownership Document ( Original/For the Owner)

Transit Log - Yacht Registration Form

The transit Log is a permit to sail in Turkish waters and to enter Turkish Ports. Formalities are completed on this form at the first port of entry.

Importing Yacht Parts

Foreign yacht - owners can import spare parts and equipment duty free for use on their yachts under customs authority . Such spare parts and equipment will be recorded in the inventory of the yacht. For detailed information please contact with Marmaris Marine Shipping Agency Office.

Foreign Yachtsmen Staying In Turkey

Regulations for foreign yachtsmen wishing to stay in Turkey differ depending upon nationality . Yachtsmen may obtain a visa from Turkish Embassy or Consulate in their country, or upon entry to Turkey.
For Yachtsmen who come to Turkey without Visa :

Visa lengths vary from 15 days to 3 months , depending on the nationality. Yachtsmen from the following countries will be given a 3 months visa sticker on entry for a fee:

Australia 15 EUROS 3 Months Brazil Free 3 Months
Austria 15 EUROS 3 Months Finland Free 3 Months
Albania 10 EUROS 2 Months France Free 3 Months
Belgium 10 EUROS 3 Months Germany Free 3 Months
Canada 45 EUROS 3 Months Greece Free 3 Months
England 15 EUROS 3 Months Georgia Free 3 Months
Holland 10 EUROS 3 Months Italy Free 3 Months
Ireland 10 EUROS 3 Months Israil Free 3 Months
Norway 20 EUROS 1 Months Morocco Free 3 Months
Romania 10 EUROS 1 Months New Zeland Free 3 Months
Portugal 10 EUROS 3 Months Sweden Free 3 Months
Russian Fed. 15 EUROS 2 Months Switzerland Free 3 Months
Spain 10 EUROS 3 Months Tunisia Free 3 Months
Ukraine 15 EUROS 2 Months South Africa 10 EUROS 1 Months
U.S.A 15 EUROS 3 Months      


Yachtsmen who wish to stay in Turkey for more than 3 months should apply for renewal of their visa to the district centre office before the expiry date of their visa. If a renewal is required for longer than 3 months, the District centre office will have to obtain information from the Capital :
Ankara before it can be issued. ( There may be a delay of up to 2 months in receiving a renewal ) If yachtsmen leave Turkey for a foreign port and later return, a 3 months' visa will automatically be issued.

Underwater Diving

In non-restricted areas diving with proper equipment for purposes of sport is permitted. Foreign divers should have official documentation of their qualifications and training and must be accompanied by a licensed Turkish guide when they are diving.The limit for diving with diving gear is 30 metres. For educational purposes this limit is extended to 42 metres. Divers exceeding 30 metres must be done with proper diving and medical equipment in order to protect Turkish Archeological and cultural treasures. It is strictly forbidden to transport Turkish antiquities or natural specimens.

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