Marmaris - Göcek

On the western side of the Gulf of Fethiye, large and small islands, rising, falling tree-covered mountains that hidden among the dozens of sheep perfectly located one of the most beautiful bays of Turkey’s coastline. It is one of the most important centers of yacht tourism with its large and small coves in deep water. From the south to the north up to 10, from the east to the west within a maximum of 3 miles, the region has access to every need. Since the region is a busy tourism area, many possibilities are carried into the region. The high depths in the Gulf descend to the levels that allow anchoring in the bay to accommodate. In general, the coves which are closed to all air, have the possibility to switch to close-protected points even if the conditions are hardened. The bay is easily entered from every point. Depth is too much, no danger. In some bays, there are different restaurants and piers, while in others there is only nature itself.


One of the most popular destinations of Marmaris Fethiye is Ekincik Bay and My Marina. Ekincik Cove and Dalyan, Marmaris Fethiye between the sailing yachts did not pass the bay. Both the cove and the facility fascinates everyone with its natural beauty. It is a valuable and beautiful stopover point for the charter customers where the green blue forests with water and electricity services are combined.There are 2 safe harbors that you can stay on the Marmaris-Göcek route. If you want to stay in the port of Ekincik you can anchor in front of the beach. (At night it should be cautious for anchor screening.) İn Ekincik is available “my marine” There is also a small port belonging to the Ekincik cooperative


Those who want to visit the tombs and the ancient city of Kaunos are in the hole in front of the trail salt beach, which is the stopover point of the Caretta caretta turtles. cultural and cultural tourism that combines the nature of the cultural and nature of the visitors to leave a lasting effect.You can keep the anchor behind the hole and keep it in the hole. Be careful at night.


The cove which goes through the high hills is one of the rare places to take shelter in the region. It has a gray color. This coastal side usually comes from daily tour boats and dive boats. The most beautiful point of the bay is the beach fronts in the north. In front of the beach is a small rock in volcanic view. Here, 8-10 meters to anchor, land is taken from the seat. There is a restaurant on the hill above the sheep pebble beach where a few boats can stay comfortably. There are many beautiful caves in the Inner Bay. It is necessary to see these caves by swimming or boating.There is also a restaurant and panton, where you can stay in love at night.


The summer season starts at the beginning of May and continues until the end of October. In summer, sweltering heat is observed. March and April are the ideal times to observe the awakening nature with spring. In summer the temperature reaches up to 40 degrees. It is possible to swim for nine months. In winter, the temperature does not fall easily below 10 degrees. Gocek is especially hot in summer. The breeze from the sea and sea breeze and the breeze from the north mountain slopes at night gives comfort to the locality. Göcek and its bays are the paradise a world yacht must surely see.There are magnificent natural harbors that you can spend 3 days in Gocek. If you are going to shop municipal marina and skopea marina is the most convenient destination. There are also floating markets in Göcek.


The most important yacht tourism port of the Mediterranean region, Fethiye, where many historical and historical sites, Fethiye Bay (Fethiye) located in the southeast of the Gulf of Fethiye, is a sheltered port city. Fethiye is an entrance and exit port. The area has a private marina and the municipality’s marina facilities The harbor, which is located in front of the Fethiye coastline, ships and ferries to the Aegean Islands are approaching. There are rock tombs in the hills opposite the quay and the castle built by the Knights of Rhodes. Fethiye is a large and charming town with all kinds of facilities. Large shopping malls, bazaars, vegetables, fruit and fish, banks, ATMs, hospitals and pharmacies in the resort, responds to every need. Fethiye, hot and dry summers, warm and rainy winters with the Mediterranean climate prevails. In summer, the temperature is around 30 degrees, in winter it is usually above 10 degrees. The sea water temperature does not fall below 16 degrees in any season.There are 2 marinas in Fethiye. İn Ecesaray marina and the hotel place are available.

Göcek - Kekova

If you want to mention the tour points starting from Göcekt to kekovaya; Oludeniz, Kas harbor Demre (ancient myra Santa Claus church and the possibility to visit the ruins), shield (katara, Letoon, xantos tour).There are vaulted vaults. If you use your own iron your iron rope in the opposite side of the yacht is likely to give a high diameter. very sheltered but the winds can be turbulent to the nomadic winds. The municipality marina is not as comfortable as other marinas, but  it is an advantage that it is right in the center of town and very close to all facilities.

Gemiler Adası

In the Middle Ages, Smybola is known as Gemile or Aya Nikola Island located in the Oludeniz basin. 5th century From the point of view of religious settlements, especially with the formation of an important position. It has become a hub of pilgrimage and trade for European and Eastern Mediterranean countries. Many churches and chapels, as well as religious schools, were opened. There are some rumors about the name of the island. For example; It is known that the church at the highest point of the island was found in a maritime guide of the medieval period, where it was dedicated to Saint Nicholas. But this is the Nikolas’un deemed to have been born and known as Santa Claus. The accuracy or refusal of some of the information available about Nikolas is still unclear. An important Nikolas lived on this island. However, we do not yet have detailed information about the identity. . In this respect, the importance of the island will be discussed in the coming years. Since the survey conducted by a Japanese team in the island and around 11 churches have been identified. 4 of these ships, 1’i Karacaören Island, the others are around Ölüdeniz and Karacaören Bay. The surroundings of Gemile Island are seen as a very important center for the Christian world..It is located in houses with shelter of people living and living outside religious buildings on the island. Due to the rocky island, the foundations of churches and houses were carved into the rock. The ruins are still in the sea religion.the ships in the island and the vicinity of the anchor in the east of the big bay is located. it is difficult to choose an island and the karacaören islands, which are made up of a series of subcontinent rocks connected by a reef running under the water but there are various iron places in this area.


The bay, which is partially sheltered against the south thanks to the reef across the island, is a very beautiful and sheltered place of  iron. You can anchor at a height of 10-15 meters away from the swimming area. There’s no depth to get to the jetty. You can also use it at the connecting place of a rest aurant.


Ölüdeniz is the sheltered harbor part of this small rocky island on the west side of the beach. . The harbor, which was entered through the narrow and sand benches, was closed to all kinds of sea traffic for protection purposes. For this purpose, there are barriers at the entrance. There are no healthy places where yachts can be accommodated in this position where nature acts generously and offers all its beauty and activity opportunities. Totally open, breathing space is a problem in housing It can be anchored in front of the beach in very nice weather, and can be found in the bay just north of the Intense Cape, which is relatively sheltered.It is very beautiful in this area and it is now prohibited to enter the bay and the anchoring area is now prohibited. Many of the yachts left here have been heavily polluted by the oil and sewage left by them.But if you want to see the bay you can leave your yacht to the entrance and keep it. A place to be sheltered from the breeze. There are also various cafés and beach cafes on the northeast coast of the beach and around the beach.

But if you want to see the bay you can leave your yacht to the entrance and keep it. A place to be sheltered from the breeze. There are also various cafés and beach cafes on the northeast coast of the beach and around the beach.


Kalkan is a holiday resort famous for its great beaches attached to Antalya Kas. It is one of the most important tourist stops for Turkish tourism such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Kuşadası, Dalyan and Göcek. The region has a long history. Heredot, the famous historian, about the shield: “” The closest place to the stars in the world .”He said. It was an important point in every civilization period and attracted attention due to its strategic position. The Kalkan region, home to many important civilizations from the Hittites to the Lydians, from the Romans to the Ottomans, is now an outstanding holiday destination preferred by British tourists. Kalkan hotels, apart from their hostels, recently developed villa tourism in Kalkan has become one of the popular accommodation options. It is a summer tourism station with one of the tur blue flagged olm seas in our country. . Kalkan is home to Patara Beach, one of the largest beaches in the world and continues to be a shining star on the Mediterranean coast. With its carefully protected natural areas and historical heritage, Kalkan should be at the top of the list of well-known resorts. . You can do paragliding in Kalkanda, join the blue tours and take a canoe trip at Esen Creek.The harbor is located on the northeastern end of the bay, which is located between the coastal nose and the thin nose of 3 miles east of the bay. Together with the breeze, sheep can make sudden and very strong winds from the hills on the west side to the sea port. many restaurants are available at the docks and just behind it. visitor yachts usually approach the external breakwater, but somehow they don’t hold iron everywhere.


To fall asleep with the lights of Meis Island, to feel freedom at every step, to catch the calm at sunset MeKaş Once it has been gone, it is not desirable to break up again, while going on a journey to the past in the mysterious world of ancient cities, while leaving all those wonderful bays to exhaustion, fatigue.Numerous islands near Kas are easily seen. While approaching from the west, it is easy to recognize the two safe rocks and the safe rock. In addition, if you want to place anchors at the bottom of the sea is muddy, sandy and dense but does not hold iron are also many restaurants in the town, along with good shopping opportunities.


The island of Kekova is an island that extends for 4 miles in the west-southwest / east northeast and sheltered the water strip between the indented coastline of the mainland.The passage between the eastern end of the island of Kekova and the coast is smooth and non-hazardous as long as you follow the waterway and ıt is not dangerous. After the kekova enters the iron, the passage near the island of Kekova continues deep.You can also drop a polemus bend from the number and anchor it at a place you find appropriate.


Marina is located in the commercial port of Antalya, 5 miles southwest of Antalya. There are ropes connected to the vault. protected from everywhere. There are also water and extracts at each attachment site. Fuel is available at the quay and there are good restaurants in Antalya.


In the daytime, you can approach the night without any problem. In the strong southern winds with strong protection, you can be disturbed by the large waves entering the harbor in the south of the outer pants, but there is no danger. You can anchor in the small bay to the west of the harbor  Marina has a small market and excellent facilities for all kinds of needs in the city.


The port is located just north of the kurubur and right opposite the long island. Meltem is blowing in and out of  Datça Bay. usually, the wooden dock in the crook is pointing to the place shown. Very well protected against the storm. Northern winds lead to turmoil. The shopping facilities are good and there are many restaurants around the harbor.


Most of the time the sun sets over the Toros Mountains to the shore of the cool clouds and sometimes creates a sea mist that continues until the next morning. There are vault ropes connected to the pier and it is protected from everywhere. There are several restaurants near the marina and in the town.


Marina is at the north end of Kuşadası. There’s a market in the marina. All kinds of needs in Kusadasi can be met in the best way. Bar and restaurant are available. Kuşadası is a popular tourist destination and the number of cruise ships anchored in the outer harbor sometimes reaches eight.


There are many small islands on the south side of the bay. Anchoring places are either very deep or not protected.But there are a few places where yachts can anchor in calm weather. In the southeastern corner of the island, there is a well-preserved bay at a depth suitable for anchoring and a partially sheltered bay.


On the west side of the bay, you can anchor at 6-10 meters and throw it to the shore. If you wish, you may be at the end of the sheep from one of the wooden scaffolds. Each one of them belongs to a restaurant and at least part of your time, we use the restaurant is the owner of the pier is expected to spend.


Can be found in one of the piers in front of the village or you can keep anchoring and catching the western side of the sheep.the place is very beautiful and peaceful.there are many restaurants in the village. Limited shopping opportunities.


You can anchor at 5-15 meters at southwest end or at 5-10 meters at north end. There are dust in the restaurant at the north end, if it’s empty. There are algae in the bottom, but you can find a sandy opening.There is a nice restaurant in the north corner where you can eat nice village food. Most of the mooring buoys belong to this restaurant.


It is a wide cove entering north from Kale Burnu and Değirmen Burnu. The entrance to the bay is difficult. There are the walls of the old Loryma on the nose of the Fort, but the colors of the rock and the castle are not confused by the distance. Attention to the water above the rock in front of the nose of the castle is entered into the bay which extends 0.80 miles to the northwest. They’re deep. Some sites on the shore fall to appropriate depths of iron. For boats wanting to stay in the iron, the eastern indentation at the end of the Bozukkale Bay, or at the north of the quay on the west side of the entrance, is suitable. These anchorages are also sheltered by lodos winds. Around here, the sand and noodle mixture can be anchored to the ground, from 8 to 12 meters, and from the stern. Bozukkale Bay, surrounded by bare mountains. The winds from these mountains and slopes sometimes descend with showers. It is a good idea to anchor our boat in the summer months, according to the isolation is good. The bread baked in the stone ovens of these restaurants brings the villagers to your boat in the morning. Bozukkale  is most sheltered bay entrance to the west of the bay remains at night, the sound of outside waves are heard. But your boat doesn’t move. You can’t enjoy sleeping by hearing those sounds. The pathway from the pier is a way to reach the walls of the old Loryma over the mountain. The hill dominates the open seas, the island of Rhodes and the inside of Bozukkale Bay. The image here in the evening and early in the morning is another. There is no mortar between the large cubic chipped stones forming the walls. It is believed that the castle was built to protect the island of Rhodes. In some maps this bay is called as los “Oplosiko Bükü” Bazı. Gelmek “Hoploteke” means Greek shipyard. Already there is a shipyard in this cove in ancient times is rumored. This bay is also a jumping port. The boats that will continue to the north especially in harsh weather will wait in this bay.Bozukkale is located in the southwest of Marmaris and has important places in history. There are several restaurants and supermarkets in the port .If you want to stay in the harbor you can anchor the harbor can be breezy and windy.prevailing winds from the northwest and west. There are 3 wooden piers in the bay. All three have vaults and no iron. Restaurants connected to the pier are full of nature restaurants. Since there is no electricity, the generator needs electricity. Generator sounds, absolutely not disturb the boats, the