Yachts going abroad or entering from abroad from Marmaris have to dock at the customs pier for passport control and other procedures. Since Marmaris customs pier Cruise port is a private enterprise, a mooring fee and per person passenger service fee are paid for yachts.


Within the scope of the yacht tourism regulation, it is mandatory to have a Transitlog document on your yachts in Turkish territorial waters (except for private yachts with Turkish flags). The Transitlog document is a document that shows the ports of call with your yacht in Turkish territorial waters, the status of the personnel and passengers in it and must be approved by the port authority.   Turkish flagged private yachts can sail within Turkish territorial waters (cabotage) without the need for any exit procedure. Turkish flagged private yachts must have a Transitlog certificate when they go abroad.   Foreign flagged private yachts can sail freely in Turkish territorial waters for 1 year with transitlog documents, but if your yacht has personnel, passengers or a change of route, this change must be recorded on the transitlog document's change page and approved by the relevant port authority.   Transitlog time is different for Turkish and foreign flagged yachts, as well as depending on the purpose of use (commercial - private) of your yacht.  
Transitlog document loses its validity in the following cases


You have the right to purchase transit fuel for your yacht for use abroad. We provide transit fuel service to the yachts of our customers who want to buy transit fuel at an affordable price. Transit fuel must be consumed outside Turkish territorial waters, the transit time alabilirsiniz.türkiye you go abroad to fuel remaining in the tank at the entrance by the relevant customs legislation if it is determined that returned with the fuel not consumed fuel is taxed abroad. Transit fuel prices change daily, you must notify your fuel request at least 2 days before your voyage schedule. We also supply economically priced yacht fuel for your marine fuel needs that you can use in Turkish territorial waters.


We are happy to help you with new yacht purchases or when you want to sell your existing yacht. In addition, if the yacht you will buy has a foreign flag, we also follow up your foreign Register transactions.


We are happy to assist in the delivery of materials from abroad to yachts, delivery of yacht spare parts to yachts and customs affairs.


If you authorize us to do your work at the Port Authorities, we can follow up and conclude.


If you do not have enough time when your yacht needs to go from one port to another, we can do the transfer of your yacht with expert captains in the field.


After the freshest and best products are supplied as you wish, we can deliver them to you.