Shipping Agency


To avoid any restrictions or inconveniences during your cruise in Turkey, we handle all clearance formalities involving arrivals, departures, harbour masters and customs on behalf of the Captain with pleasure.


Yachts entering or leaving Turkey shall make their entry or departure at frontier ports.
Ports of entry along the Turkish coast are:

Formalities concerning the documentation of yachts departing from the last port of call or entering port or a mooring-place for winter lay-up shall be carried out at the port of departure or winter mooring place.

Documents Necessary for Clearance:

* Yacht Registration ( Original )
* Insurance Certificate ( Original )
* Crew and Passenger Passports
* Crew and Passenger List
* Yacht Master Licence ( Original )
* Authorisation ( Original/For the Captain)
* Ownership Document ( Original/For the Owner)

Transit Log - Yacht Registration Form

The transit Log is a permit to sail in Turkish waters and to enter Turkish Ports. Formalities are completed on this form at the first port of entry.

Importing Yacht Parts

Foreign yacht - owners can import spare parts and equipment duty free for use on their yachts under customs authority . Such spare parts and equipment will be recorded in the inventory of the yacht. For detailed information please contact with Marmaris Marine Shipping Agency Office.

Foreign Yachtsmen Staying In Turkey

Regulations for foreign yachtsmen wishing to stay in Turkey differ depending upon nationality . Yachtsmen may obtain a visa from Turkish Embassy or Consulate in their country, or upon entry to Turkey.
For Yachtsmen who come to Turkey without Visa :

Visa lengths vary from 15 days to 3 months , depending on the nationality. Yachtsmen from the following countries will be given a 3 months visa sticker on entry for a fee:

Yachtsmen who wish to stay in Turkey for more than 3 months should apply for renewal of their visa to the district centre office before the expiry date of their visa. If a renewal is required for longer than 3 months, the District centre office will have to obtain information from the Capital :
Ankara before it can be issued. ( There may be a delay of up to 2 months in receiving a renewal ) If yachtsmen leave Turkey for a foreign port and later return, a 3 months' visa will automatically be issued.

Underwater Diving

In non-restricted areas diving with proper equipment for purposes of sport is permitted. Foreign divers should have official documentation of their qualifications and training and must be accompanied by a licensed Turkish guide when they are diving.The limit for diving with diving gear is 30 metres. For educational purposes this limit is extended to 42 metres. Divers exceeding 30 metres must be done with proper diving and medical equipment in order to protect Turkish Archeological and cultural treasures. It is strictly forbidden to transport Turkish antiquities or natural specimens.

Duty Free Fuel

Marmaris Marine Shipping Agency Office specialises in providing top quality duty-free fuel delivered on time and at competitive prices along the Turkish coast. The bunker quality used by Super Yacht supplies is fundamental.

Not all fuels have the same specification and the efficiency of an engine is often affected.

To ensure top quality duty free fuel we supply yachts with "Fuel Analysis Report" given by Turkish Government or obtain samples from the refinery for an individual testing.

Berth Reservation

Due to over-requirements for berths during the high season in Turkey, marinas become insufficient and it is difficult to find moorings. Our berth reservation service aims to assist the Captain in mooring. Due to our reliable co-operations with the Marinas, we guarantee you the best berth for your yacht.


Çelebi Antalya MarinaEce Saray MarinaPort Göcek Marina
Bodrum D-MarinaMarmaris Yacht MarinaSetur Ayvalık Marina
Bodrum Milta MarinaOrhaniye Martı MarinaSetur Çeşme Marina
Bodrum Yalıkavak MarinaNetsel Marmaris MarinaSetur Kalamış Marina

Marina 1

Winds : Northwest
Max. length : 80 meters
Max. - min. depth : 18 meters - 3.5 meters
Capacity afloat : 720
Capacity ashore : 50

Lift : Travel lift 100 tons, travel lift 20 tons

Electricity : Available for boats both on shore power electricity and in dry dock.

Water : Available for boats both in the water and dry dock.

Each berth has access to a service box where you can get fresh water and 220 volt (16 amps) electricity, both free of charge. If your water or electricity connections do not fit ours, you can get supplies from the marina.

Telephone : Public phones at the marina

Fuel and Oil Station : The petrol station, situated on the inner breakwater, is also operational for serving diesel, petrol and lubrication oil.

Data : In marina office e-mail, internet and fax transmission, free wireless internet connection

Security : 24 hours with security staff. The Marina Premises are patrolled around the clock, by guards and marinas.

Car Park : Open air car park 40 cars

Outdoor sports : Tennis court, swimming pool

Hair dresser : City center

Bar : 2 cafe - bar

Restaurant : 3 restaurant

Laundry : Marina laundry collects and returns laundry to boats. One day service available.

Toilets and Showers : Shore facilities currently include 120 units of toilets and hot water showers which are free to berth holders.

Yacht chandlery : City center

Market : Market caters to all grocery and sundry needs, boat delivery available.

Shopping : Contemporary mall with name brand clothing and boating accessories.

Local market : City center thursday - sunday

Bank : City center, several ATM at the marina

Airport : Dalaman Airport 90 km.

Helicopter : Dalaman Airport 90 km.

Nearest harbour : Marmaris Harbour

Transport : Marina is at city center

Marina 2

Parking Capacity : At sea 250 yachts, at ground 1000 yachts.

Dry Dock Facilities : With our 1000 yachts capacity placing is only made by lifting.

Parking Service : 2 sea vehicles meets the boat out side of the artificial harbour and until the boat fastens they accompanys.

Lift : 330 Tons Lift. Our lift can take the boat from the sea without any damage and put the boat on needed location on side and take again boat for the bring down to sea by hydraulic system. Our lift is unique in Mediterranean sea.

On land secure winter storage : We have a harbor which has 1000 yachts capacity for encamping during winter.

Tracking - Throwing : We have two lift pool systems on sea dimensions are 50 m x 10.5 m and 40 m x 8 m. Boats are taking in the pool and fixed from four sides lift belts are located underwater by diver and boat taking on land or bring down.

Marmaris Yacht Marina is located at one of the most attractive maritime parklands in Turkey, ideal for sailing and water sports. Marmaris Yacht Marina is 2 miles by boat and 8 km by car from the center of Marmaris. In addition to it’s impressive boat handling facilities the Marina boasts 24 hour security, an outdoor swimming pool, bar, restaurant serving both international and Turkish cuisine, library and laundry services.


Fresh Water, Electricity, Washrooms & Showers, Washrooms & Showers (including handicapped), Laundry Service, Public Phones (we have phone line. It's available for international call and we have two independent telecom machine in our marina), Storage Lockers, Parking, Bank machine (ATM), Wireless Internet Access, Marina Radio Station (24 hours), Taxi, Minibus, Marina ferry to downtown Marmaris, Mini Cars for transportation of people & suitcases, Helicopter Pad.


Restaurants & Bar (Roof Bar / Tent Bar & Restaurant / Pool Side Bar - Our catering service is at your disposal at summer, while having your drinks at our wooden decorated bar you can enjoy the beautiful landscape view. All guests well come even out of the marina), Swimming pool & children's wading pool (we have 3 swimming pools which yacht owners; adults and children can use), Children's play garden, Fitness Center, Sauna, Hot bath tub, Volleyball Court, Billiards Tables, Parks & Trails, Library (wireless internet access available), Barber - Hairdresser, Seaside Sundeck, Supermarket, Chandlery...

Land Excursion Services

• Luxury Car and Limousine Arrangements

• Transportation

• Flight Tickets

• Car Rental

• Airport Transfer Assistance

• Restaurant Bookings

VIP Transportation Services

We can provide any transportation by land, by sea and by air. Upon your request your transfers can be arranged by car, limousine, minibus...

Provisioning Services

Marmaris Marine Shipping Agency has established close relationships with the main provisioning companies in Turkey. We are able to provide any kinds of food, beverages, fine wines, flowers, duty free products etc.

While you are enjoying the pleasures of your vacation, you may also like to sample the local cuisine and the freshest foods. We are happy to offer our specialised provisioning service to your pleasure.

Banking Services

MARMARIS MARINE YACHTING and SHIPPING AGENCY can help you with all your banking needs. We use escrow accounts to  insure safe and fast, efficient and free of hassle, "on board" delivery of money and charter APA’s. Our company and the banks we work with assure the lowest rates possible.

If you have money to change (US $ to Euros, Euros to US $ for example) we can assure you that we have the lowest exchange rates available.

Medical Assistance

MARMARIS MARINE YACHTING and SHIPPING AGENCY provides guaranteed access to professional medical advice where your needs are understood and support can be arranged without delay.

  • Dedicated connection to professional medical teams
  • Flat fee allows unlimited access
  • In house worldwide evacuation planning and coordination
  • Specialists in remote emergency management